About BDAPTC ...

BDAPTC is one of seven District Associations under the ‘umbrella’ of HALC (Hampshire Association of Local Councils). 


BDAPTC is a self-help association, acting to co-ordinate the needs of 39 parish councils, 2 town councils and 2 parish meetings (click here for a list of Association Members) situated within the borough of Basingstoke & Deane. Association Members have a combined electorate of over 66,500.  


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Paul Mahoney

Martin Slatford


Les Fryer

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Representatives - Hampshire Association of Local Councils (HALC)

Paul Mahoney, Martin Slatford, Malcolm Bell & Fiona Nicolson, assisted by Martin Biermann & Brian Langer ('Honorary Members').

Basingstoke Standards Committee

Jo Slimin, Linda Agnew, Les Fryer & Martin Slatford 


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